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VCR 94

December 7, 2016

Adventures of Archer & Armstrong #10, Faith #6, Ninjak #22

Take a journey with us to the depths of Gub, on a car ride with PSR, and to the top of Vegas’s newest hot spot in this week’s Valiant Comics Review!


Download: VCR-094-dec7-2016.mp3

December 3, 2016



Only The Valiant Facebook Group

Sure, you’ve seen that OTV has a Facebook page, but the thing about pages is that they tend to be unidirectional. It’s not the most interactive format. So we’ve gone ahead and created an Only The Valiant Facebook Group.

VCR 93 - November 30, 2016


Savage #1, Generation Zero #4

The plot thickens in Rook, Michigan. Meanwhile, a new legend is born on Savage Island. VCR is here to discuss the new Valiant books!

VCR 92 - November 23, 2016


Bloodshot U.S.A. #2, Ninjak #21

The New York massacre continues in Bloodshot USA, and the Quest of Silk Mountain continues in Ninjak! VCR is here to discuss the new Valiant books.

VCR 91 - November 16, 2016


Harbinger Renegade #1, Britannia #3

Journey with us to Ancient Rome to follow our favorite Detectioner, and then let’s kick off a brand new adventure of our favorite Renegades!