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VCR 154

February 21, 2018

Quantum & Woody #3, Ninjak Vs The Valiant Universe #2

Quantum and Woody unlock the mystery of the Goat, and Ninjak keeps fighting everyone in this weeks new Valiant Comics. Let’s discuss!


Download: VCR-154-feb21-2018.mp3

VCR 153 - February 14, 2018


Bloodshot Salvation #6, Ninja-K #4

It’s Wednesday, and that means a new VCR! We dive into the ongoing battles of Bloodshot, and keep up with Colin King in this week’s Valiant Comics.

VCR 152 - February 7, 2018



Armstrong: The Vault of Spirits. Plus: DMG

Armstrong throws the party of the year, and we are all invited. The Vault opens, and we take a look at the party that follows. Plus: we take some time to talk about the transfer of ownership of VEI to 100% DMG control and what this might mean.

VCR 151 - January 31, 2018


Quantum & Woody #2, Eternity #4

Join us this week as we look in on the state of affairs with the brothers extraordinaire in Quantum & Woody #2, and then follow the path of a bullet through time & space into the unknown as Eternity #4 wraps up it’s series.

VCR 150 - January 24, 2018


XO Manowar #11, Ninja-K #3, Harbinger Wars 2 #0

VCR turns 150!! Join us for this special celebratory episode, where in addition to talking about XO Manowar #11 & Ninja-K #3, we are having a bonus chat about the special mail-away-only Harbinger Wars Zero issue!