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VCR 100

January 18, 2017

Aric, Son Of The Revolution #1, Harbinger Renegade #3, Generation Zero #6

This week, Aric goes Red, the Harbinger Kids walk into a trap (or do they?), and Generation Zero has an anime adventure. Happy 100th Episode, VCR!


Download: VCR-100-jan18-2017.mp3

VCR 99 - January 11, 2017



Ninjak #23

The Seven Blades Of Master Darque are moved into action, and VCR moves into action to discuss this new issue of Ninjak.

VCR 98 - January 4, 2017



Faith #7, Adventures of Archer & Armstrong #11

Archer and Armstrong fight the 1% and Florida, while Faith fights some demons from her past. We discuss the two new Valiant Comics on the shelves today!

VCR 97 - December 28, 2016



Komandar Bloodshot, Generation Zero #5, Savage #2

The Komandar visits Kolorado, Keisha and the Zygos stay strange, and Savage hunts a biker gang. Another week of Valiant Comics are ready for review!

OTV 211 - December 23, 2016



Holiday Special 2016

It’s the most Valiant party on the block as OTV returns to celebrate the Holidays, Valiant style. Grab a cup of merry and tun in!