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Episode 166

October 19, 2014

Armor Hunters, Round 5

It is our fifth and final round of Armor Hunters discussion. In this episode: Armor Hunters #4, X-O Manowar #29, and the fallout in Armor Hunters: Aftermath.


Download: OTV-episode166.mp3


Valiant Humble Bundle!


Valiant teamed up with Humble Bundle for three great causes. Get the bundle! Get exclusive stuff! Support charity!


First Look At The Delinquents


We’ve got a first look at The Delinquents, which is going to throw Archer & Armstrong up against Quantum and Woody. Plus, there is a hobo butt map.


Rai #1 Returns with a Second Printing

Rai 1 Second Printing Cover

The second printing of Rai #1 shows that the interior art of Rai is better than the cover art of a lot of other comics.


Valiant Comics and Catalyst Game Lab introduce the Valiant Role Playing Game


The new Valiant RPG will allow me to run around and yell, “to me, Shanhara!” and actually be appropriate.