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VCR 133

September 13, 2017

Ninjak #0

Past and present meet in Ninjak #0. VCR discusses this issue in depth, as we take a dive through Ninjak’s history.


Download: VCR-133-sept13-2017.mp3

VCR 132 - September 6, 2017



Harbinger Renegade #7

This week, the Renegades figure out their next move in Harbinger Renegade #7. We have a bit to discuss, including Pete’s actions, this chapter’s place in the story, the art, and more.

VCR 131 - August 30, 2017



Rapture #4, Faith and the Future Force #2

Things wrap up in the Deadside, and history continues to be eradicated in this week’s Valiant Comics. Only the heroes at VCR can help you make sense of it!

VCR 130 - August 23, 2017


War Mother #1, X-O Manowar #6

We discuss the new Valiant Comics out on shelves today, War Mother #1 and X-O Manowar #6. Lots to discuss, and some crazy theories too.

VCR 129 - August 16, 2017


DIvinity #0, Secret Weapons #3

This week we take a little Divine tour of the post-Stalinverse Valiant-universe, to see if all is well again… or not. And we also check in with the newest Secret psiots under Livewire’s wing.¬†Who is The Scavenger? Tune in to find out!