June 29, 2017


Secret Weapons #1: Rex-O Decoded

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In Secret Weapons #1, the speech of the character Rex-O is represented by a series of symbols made up of vertical bars of various size. We’ve got his speech decoded.

decode1These symbols were first seen in the teaser for Secret Weapons, and that’s when OTV first decoded the symbols. We didn’t just decode the teaser, however. We took what we knew from the teaser and extrapolated on the series of symbols to decipher the entire alphabet.

We’ve got the cipher for Rex-O’s speech.

We talked about it in our VCR Special Edition Podcast on Secret Weapons, and here, for everyone’s enjoyment, are the translations. Beware, there is an error in the dialog! We’ll explain that too when we get to it.

Last of all, before we get to the translations, we know about the Secret Edition of Secret Weapons #1. We have decoded that, but we aren’t going to be revealing the secret to that mystery here. You will have to figure out that one for yourself.

Page 13


Page 15 — ERROR!

This one needs a little explanation. When this panel was first decoded, it seemed a bit strange for Rex-O to have the same dialog as Nikki. Either this hinted at some sort of interesting relationship between Rex-O and Nikki… or it was a simple mistake.

It turns out that this was just a mistake. This has been confirmed by both Eric Heisserer and Dinesh Shamdasani at the Secret Weapons #1 signing at Collector’s Paradise in Pasadena. Eric let us know the correct dialog for this panel, and that is included in the second image below.

First, the translation as printed:


Second, what this page is supposed to translate to:


Page 23


Page 24


Page 25

The text on this page is the same as from a couple pages back.



There you have it! All of the translations for Rex-O.

Hopefully issue #2 of Secret Weapons will have more of this code to decipher!

In the meantime, make sure you check out our recent OTV and VCR episodes about this book:

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