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About Only The Valiant

Since 2008, Only The Valiant has been the premier podcast dedicated to discussion of Valiant Comics.

The podcast is released bi-weekly, usually on Sundays. The show is available on iTunes, Zune, and here on this website. You can subscribe with your favorite podcatcher, and should be available however you prefer to listen to podcasts. If you would like to receive the podcast automatically, check out the Subscribe Page. The show is, and always will be, free.

In addition to Valiant Comics, we discuss and cover other news and events in the comic book world. Each of our interests reaches much further than just Valiant Comics, so you can expect commentary on other comic news here on Only The Valiant, including the latest in Comics, Conventions, News, and other interesting developments in the Comic Book World.

Meet the hosts of the show!


Chiclo gets assaulted by Klingons

Chiclo gets assaulted by Klingons

Chiclo co-founded the Only The Valiant podcast with Sean back in 2008.

When Chiclo bought a long box of random comics on eBay, he found an issues of Archer & Armstrong in the lot. Turns out it was pretty good, and the slippery slope of Valiant fandom started.

Chiclo lives in Texas, and in addition to his appreciation of all things Valiant, he is the shows resident expert on all other dead comic universes, such as First, Future, Malibu, Comico, and (shudder) Ultraverse.

Chiclo seems to know at least a little bit about everything, from sales, to running for election, to history, theoretical physics, etc.

Also, to his wife’s chagrin, he knows that chicks dig Klingons.


Jonesy in his Valiant Vision glasses

Jonesy, rockin the Valiant Vision shades

Jonesy has been collecting and reading Valiant comics since the summer of 2009, his first purchase being a box of random issues that he bought when returning home to Arizona after the wonderful high of San Diego Comic-Con.

Jonesy discovered the Only The Valiant podcast in 2009 and became a big fan of the show for both its’ wealth of Valiant information, and also as a thoroughly enjoyable listening experience.

Besides his love for the comic medium, Jonesy is currently studying to become a Music Therapist in Phoenix, Arizona. He is also a semi-professional musician who released an album internationally as co-composer of the tech-metal band “A Dark Halo,” and most recently as guest vocalist/guitarist on the track “Rock Wit It” with up-and-coming hip-hop/crossover artist “Hope For The Future.”

Jonesy is proud to be a part of Only The Valiant as co-host and hopes that his unique contributions will help bring it to more listeners all across the globe!


Elveen with a Dave Gibbons charity sketch for Cystic Fibrosis

Elveen with a Dave Gibbons charity sketch for Cystic Fibrosis

Elveen did not grow up reading comics.

One day in college a friend had him read Magnus #1 (that’s how he remembers it), he liked it and started getting all the Valiant comics he could. A few years later he lost interest in getting the new Valiant books and stopped…. but he kept his few short boxes.

Every summer he would pull them out and re-read the first few years of Valiant books. Years later he stumbled on the valiantfans.com fansite forum. After lurking a bit he joined and quickly began the completist quest to get every Valiant book.

Still, Elveen really had no background in any comics except Valiant, until another friend sent him Astro City #1. ‘Veen loved it and an entire new world of comic reading was opened up to him.

The rest is, as they say,…. history.


Sean and Jim Shooter at NYCC

Sean and Jim Shooter at NYCC

Sean has been a fan of Valiant comics since a month before his 12th birthday in May, 1991. He mowed lawns, trimmed bushes, and did many other varied number of chores to earn enough money to buy every chapter of the the Unity storyline.

Sean gave up on comic books in high school due to “gas and perfume disease”, but returned to the world of comics in college (seriously, what a dork), and quickly started to complete his collection of Valiant comics.

Sean started the Only The Valiant podcast along with Chiclo, and the rest is history.

Sean resides in San Frantastic, California. It is the best city in the world, except for maybe some of the other cities in the world.

Check out Sean’s website for his Art and other Creative Projects.

Follow Sean on Twitter here: @BadDeacon