May 28, 2014



First Look At The Delinquents

We’ve got a first look at The Delinquents, which is going to throw Archer & Armstrong up against Quantum and Woody. Plus, there is a hobo butt map.

April 10, 2014



The Time of the Armor Hunters is Nigh! (Armor Hunters #1 Preview)

Check out covers and preview pages from this summer’s mega-crossover from Valiant Comics: Armor Hunters!

April 7, 2014



The Times They Are A Ending.

What’s in store for Jack and the Shadowman Loa in the End Times? Here’s a nice little preview of Shadowman: End Times #1 from Valiant Comics.

December 9, 2013



Renegades Get The Ax – Harbinger 20 Preview

After the events of “Perfect Day”, Harbinger will start a new arc, with another new character introduced into the Valiant Universe. Check out the preview here.

November 14, 2013



Unity #2 Preview

Unity #1 is awesome, and left us wanting more.

If you need a preview to wet you over till the next month, look no further than this preview of Unity #2

April 10, 2013


Bloodshot 10 Cover

Bloodshot #10 Preview

So we’ve got the Harbinger half of the story today, but what’s gonna happen in the Bloodshot half? Here’s a preview of what’s coming up in Bloodshot #10.

April 9, 2013


Harada Protocol Teaser

Harada Protocol: Preview of Harbigner Wars #2

We keep hearing about The Harada Protocol, but what is it? This preview of Harbinger Wars #2 doesn’t really let us know what it is, but they are cool none the less!

March 22, 2013


X-O Manowar 12 Cover Marko Djurdjevic

Planet Death Starts Explosively – What’s Next? (X-O Manowar 12 Preview)

Planet Death started off with a myth, a siege, and a cliffhanger, in one explosive package called X-O Manowar #11. What’s coming up next in issue #12? Check out an action packed preview of issue #12 right here.

March 5, 2013


Dr. Mirage

Dr. Mirage is Back in Shadowman #5

Shadowman #5 will see the return of Dr. Mirage. Looks like she’s got a whole new look, check it out here!

March 4, 2013



H.A.R.D.Corps – WHAT?!? Coming In Harbinger Wars


From Valiant.