April 14, 2013

The Secret History of Valiant Comics with Dinesh Shamdasani

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Dinesh Shamdasani, the CEO, CCO, and founder of Valiant Entertainment joins us to tell us the Secret History of Valiant Comics. How did two young guys decide to buy Valiant, and wrangle everything together to become one of the best publishers in comics? Find out the true story here.

Dinesh tells us how he partnered with his friend Jason to buy the Valiant property during the Acclaim bancruptcy sale, about the following legal battle of the Trademarks for all of the Valiant characters, then how they worked to develop the company to the point that they were able to publish comics.

This episode is full of in-depth “behind the scenes” information about what went on, and how the publisher we know and love came to be.

We couldn’t think of a more exciting way to celebrate our 100th episode!


We are celebrating our 100th episode with a contest for you loyal listeners!

Dinesh contributed the grand prize to this contest, and you head will explode when you find out what he has donated.

Head over to the contest page to find out more.

Some of the bonus stuff in this episode:

  • How Dinesh is the Justin Timberlake of the comic book world
  • The secret long game of Valiant, and how Valiant is just a step towards their defiant goal
  • The amazing fan stuff that they receive in the office
  • How the early marketing campaign worked to get people excited for the launch, and the secret behind that promotion
  • Troubles with the first ever item Valiant published, and how they came up with their own solution
  • Dino’s incredible original art collection

Also, Dinesh is coming to us from the Valiant Comics offices, and Atom! Freeman, busy working late at Valiant HQ, drops in to share some love for the Lady Death Leather Edition.

Feel my power!

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