April 28, 2013

Harbinger War Report

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Month 1 of the Harbinger Wars is complete, and we discuss the April books in this crossover: Harbinger Wars #1, Harbinger #11, and Bloodshot #10.

The Bleeding Monk – what is his history, and what is his agenda?

The Project Rising Spirit Strike Force – we run through their powers and abilities. Plus, how awesome are those Clayton Crane pages? Plus, could these guys lead in to an upcoming Troublemakers book?

The secret meeting plot device, and how that worked for the book.

Bloodshot’s break in to the Project: Rising Spirit facility, and the PRS kids part in that story.

In Harbinger, a brash Toyo gets down with his 70s self, and the Harbinger kids get down with their dancing selves.

Khari’s best Harbinger art yet.

The ramifications to the Renegades flippant actions, and Pete’s growing responsibility, and the differences between Pete’s and Toyo’s leadership styles.

In Bloodshot, there’s a lot of walking. Maybe too much?

We’ve got some confusion about some of the kid’s powers. Why is that kid having a family picnic?

In a story about things not going smoothly, should the story mirror that?

All that plus:

  • The D&D Douth touch, and the flim flam shamanic connection.
  • The difference between Traveler and Nightcrawler explained in layman’s terms.

  • It all goes back to Star Wars. It’s the OTV rule.
  • Is that Harada, or is it the Phantom Stranger?
  • Bold claims from Secret Agent Inadvertant Spoilers
  • Wassup with Faith’s oxygen?
  • Opinions vary over the best Megadeth song.
  • Totally skipping Harby 10
  • Chain placement! It’s all wrong!
  • Bloodshot is a Valiant fan, and he’s got the t-shirt to prove it!

What are you waiting for, listen now!

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