May 12, 2013

Shadowman #0 Commentary Track

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This deliciously creepy book gets the full commentary track treatment.

Shadowman #0 tells the story of young Nicodemo and Sandria Darque, and how their ability with magic grows, as their connection and bond grows as well.

Plus, we get hints to what young Nico will become, as we know he will grow to become Master Darque, the big bad of the Shadowman world.

In commentary track episodes, we go through the book page by page, and sometimes even panel by panel, to discuss this book as thoroughly as it deserves. Grab your copy of the book and follow along, and know that this episode is going to have total spoilers for everything in the book.

In addition to our expert commentary, you get:

  • A little historical perspective about what was happening in New Orleans and Louisiana around this time in American History. Plus, we pull out the twenties and talk about Andrew Jackson
  • Flaming hands are the “got-your-nose” of the magic world
  • The E.T. reference hidden in this book
  • Zombunnies, and what they teach us about how magic works in Shadowman’s world
  • The reference in this book to the history and legend of real-life Voodoo priestess Marie Laveau
  • Speaking of trees, is that Yggdrasil, or Woe? (Whoa!)
  • Mister Darque tells his children about a magical city called “Sydney”.
  • Did Nico and Sandria have a little too close of a relationship? Opinions vary.
  • Now we start a whole new cycle of references, this time to Wheel of Time.
  • Still, a Star Wars reference, just for good measure.
  • A death so gnarly, we can’t find a name worthy of it.
  • How much similarity do we see with the story of Drusilla? References to other stories all around for us.
  • Colors, and how they signify different types of magic. Is there a Trinity Angels connection?

Listen right here, right now:

Download: OTV-episode104.mp3 | Total Time: 57 minutes

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