June 1, 2013

Comic Dealing at Phoenix Comic Con

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Sean and Elveen are on the road home from Phoenix Comic Con, and record this episode, talking about the ins and outs of setting up as a dealer at comic conventions.

This recording was started Sunday at midnight as we were driving home from a long, but successful weekend in Phoenix.

We walk through the process of setting up as a dealer at Phoenix, and use that as a guide to talk about the challenges, innovations, and work that we put in to selling comics.

Valiant Comics was at the convention, and we also talk about seeing them, and how we were able to work with them to promote Valiant in our own little way.

This one is long, uncut, unedited, and we very well may be a little punchy as we drive home through the desert of Arizona and California. Enjoy!

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Download: OTV-episode105.mp3 | Total Time: 128 minutes

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