June 16, 2013

Archer & Armstrong Zero

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In the tradition of the classic Archer & Armstrong material from the 90s, Archer & Armstrong tells Archer how things really went down during the epic of Gilgamesh.

In the tradition of classic Only The Valiant discussions, we tell you what we really think of this fantastic issue.

We also kick off this episode with some great wrestling discussion, that may very well be the best Chiclo story ever to be told on this podcast.

  • Chiclo’s secret wrestling name, and his hidden history as a professional backyard wrestler
  • Did you read the bullet above? That should be enough to sell you on this issue
  • Zero issues, and where they fit in the pantheon of Valiant issues
  • The mystery of the fourty-four
  • Compare and Contrast: Lost Land vs. The Faraway
  • Could the Faraway be on the other side of a Stargate?
  • How did they know his name?!?
  • Possible explanations of the mechanics of Armstrong’s immortality, and how they may function
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