July 15, 2013

Quantum & Woody Release Party

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Sean is joined by Ed Greenberg at Collector’s Paradise in Pasadena to host an OTV episode recorded live at the Quantum & Woody Release party!

In attendence are James Asmus (writer of Quantum and Woody), Atom! Freeman (Valiant Sales Manager), and Dinesh Shamdasani (Valiant CEO and CCO). In between James signing comics for the fans that came out for the event, we speak to him and the Valiant Comics guys about the launch of Quantum & Woody, the first issue that just hit stands last week, and what to expect coming up in future issues of the series.

We also get store manager Andy on the show to talk about retailing Valiant comics, with some surprising sales information about the Valiant titles

In addition, we talk about how Quantum & Woody fit in to the overall Valiant Universe, and further, hear some information about what is coming up with Valiant, with some exclusive information about Unity, which is coming later this year!

Mona the Goat is also in attendence at this event, and we get a very special announcement about her.

Of course, in addition:

  • How Quantum & Woody was a left turn, when everyone expected a right turn
  • How Q&W may tie in to the Sect Civil War
  • What happens when Quantum, Woody, Archer, and Armstrong hang out together?
  • Trivia: James Asmus’ most read comic of all time
  • Sean loses his card! Let’s hope he can get it back…
  • Quantum & Woody is selling like hot cakes – There may be a two-en-dee
  • How the Goat is both pagan and appealing
  • Goat Zero: This may be a thing
  • Quantum and Woody are really a parable for the Valiant Comics staff
  • James’ son has the best name in – pretty much – the whole world
  • The long game jokes that have been set up now, and the brilliant career move
  • The amazing alternate art of the Goat QR cover
  • The dangers of karoake, and microphones
  • How the Valiant Fans can bring about Rai a little sooner
  • The secret to making working in comics
  • Why the Collector’s Paradise stores are pushing the Valiant books
  • Adventures from comics retailing