August 4, 2013

Quantum & Newsy

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You’ve heard interviews, and vicariously attended the release party, now it is time for the OTV crew to discuss the first issue of Quantum & Woody, the latest ongoing title in the Valiant cadre.

Topics that are rife for discussion:

  • The black bars, and how they compare with their original use.
  • Speaking of the original, let’s talk about some of the similarities and differences between the two
  • How does Quantum & Woody feel as a part of the Valiant Universe?
  • How do Eric’s and Woody’s incompetencies compare with each other?
  • Woody’s costume is quite the improvement
  • The lack of Goat in this issue
  • The high quality of the art
  • What the inclusion of Quantum & Woody in the Valiant Universe means for the overall shape of the shared universe
  • The difficulties of evaluating the first issue of a series

Also, we discuss some of the recent news, such as the Unity teaser images; the U.S.A. Luge Team suite, and how you can vote for which one America will use; the recently solicited hardcover collections of X-O Manowar and Harbinger; the Valiant clothing store, and the recent t-shirts that are available; and the upcoming Valiant trading cards from Rittenhouse.

All that, plus the usual hijinks:

  • Pay phone sightings in the wild
  • Trinity Angels, and how it isn’t very good
  • The quality, or lack there of, of Frasier as television viewing
  • …and also Urkel and Family Matters comes up
  • A Chiclorious Halloween costume
  • Armorines – it’s inevitable
  • MTV Geek loves Unity and Erica Pierce
  • The meaning of success when wearing at-shirt
  • A report from the real comic-con: Amicon!

Listen right here, right now:

Download: OTV-episode114.mp3 | Total Time: 50 minutes

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