September 29, 2013

Eternal Warrior #1 Discussion

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We take a deep look at the newest ongoing book from Valiant, Eternal Warrior. We’ve been waiting for this character to get his own title for a while, and we discuss all that can be gleamed from this first issue.

We dig deep into the subtle clues about Gilad, his nature, and his relationships with his children, the evil Nergal, elephants, and more.

We talk about the nature of the Eternal Warrior, how he is similar and different from other similar warrior characters.


  • YOU make us a complete Voltron
  • Speaking of Power Rangers, how the Green Ranger got Chiclo out of work
  • Comparing Gilad to both Wolverine and Conan
  • Who is this villain, eggroll?
  • This Nergal character gets us talking about the origins of heavy metal
  • …and the Crazy World of Arthur Brown
  • The elephant scene and how awesome it is

In addition, Recent Reads featuring Prophet, Infinity, Y The Last Man, and old school X-Men.

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