October 27, 2013

Happy Shadoween!

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It’s been a while since we talked about the Shadowman, so just in time for Halloween, we fix that little error. We start with a quick look back at the second Shadowman story arc in Shadowman #5 to #9, with the good things, and some of the things that might not have quite worked for the story.

Shadowman #0 was a great issue, one of the best books Valiant has put out. This month, our main course is a discuss the follow up to this issue, Shadowman #10. There’s a whole lot to like about this issue, so we dig in deep into this one.

Also, Shadowman has a Halloween adventure in Shadowman #11, which is our second serving on our plate of Shadowman Comics for this discussion. Oh hey, Dr. Mirage is in this one too!


  • Just like Ghost
  • Of course, the comparisons with Elijah Snow
  • Was that some freaky deaky, or what now?
  • The gun report from Chiclo
  • How do you turn a baby into a Loa?
  • Does Sandria survive?
  • For that matter, is Sandria actually Drusilla?
  • Dr. Mirage’s magic
  • Well defined abs always seem to win

In addition, Recent –ahem– “Reads” featuring the Aladdin musical show at California Adventure.

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