November 10, 2013

I Left My Nanites In El Segundo

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The H.A.R.D.Corps are back, and they’ve joined together with Bloodshot to wreck havoc on the Harbinger Foundation, and on our comic book boxes!

This episode focuses on issues 14 and 15 of Bloodshot and the H.A.R.D.Corps. We examine the new, relatable side of Bloodshot, and the various new members of the Corps.

We talk about a non-spoiler review of the new Thor movie, which Sean saw a week before release. This brings up Marvel movies overall, and somehow, Run DMC.

Also, a little about how much we’re looking forward to Shadowman.

And you are in luck! It’s time for a session of Ask Chiclo!

  • People haven’t realized their potential at Zombocom
  • OTV is becoming the musical analogy podcast
  • That kid be Goldies!
  • Toyo’s been working out, bro

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Download: OTV-episode123.mp3 | Total Time: 47 minutes

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