November 13, 2013

The Road To Unity

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Eternal Warrior is back, and he is showing Aric how fighting is really done. Until Aric gets his armor back, and he chumps Gil back.

Aric has been acting to get his people a new land, but is that what’s best for them, or just what’s best for him? Has Aric learned anything over the previous 15 issues?

Sean tries to make a comparison between X-O Manowar and Magneto. The other guys don’t seem to be convinced…

How is the Unity team gonna have a chance against the X-O armor? They don’t seem to have a chance, which makes us look forward to Unity a little bit more. We take a look at some of the things we are expecting to see in Unity as a result of this story.

We recall the Valiant Cage Match episode, when we put Gilad up against Aric, and Aric didn’t go like a chump. Check out OTV Episode 69 for the original cage match.

Once again! It’s time for a session of Ask Chiclo!

  • A shout out to the Shadowman Rap
  • Could there be a Chiclo sighting at Wondercon?
  • Sven major appearance!

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