December 22, 2013

Three For One

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We pick ’em, and you listen! We each pick a recent Valiant Comic to talk about, and share what we liked about it. Quantum & Woody, Harbinger, and Unity 8-Bit Adventure all get some love in this episode.

That’s right! Download now and get THREE fantastic comic book conversations for the price of ONE.

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You will get a fantastic conversation of Quantum & Woody, exploring the current issue, the first arc, and of course, the mighty Goat.

That’s not all though. Harbinger has been roaring along, so we take a look at the most recent issues of that series, to see what we have learned, and enjoyed, about the series.

Finally, we take a look at the Unity 8-Bit Adventure, which uses the nuances of the digital format to enhance the storytelling through digital methods. Don’t let the “8-bit” name fool you, this thing is HI-TECH!

In addition, we get a smattering of recent reads, from the fun, to the exciting, to the surprisingly relevant.

Don’t delay, enjoy today!

Listen right here, right now:

Download: OTV-episode129.mp3 | Total Time: 38 minutes

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