February 16, 2014

Best Of 2013

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We discuss the very best of 2013 in Valiant Comics, and more importantly, we hear from you with your choices for the very best of Valiant comics.

The categories that we discuss are:

  1. Best Individual Issue
  2. Best Story Arc
  3. Best Ongoing Series
  4. Best Artist
  5. Best Writer
  6. Best Cover
  7. Best Main Character
  8. Best Supporting Character
  9. Best Kill
  10. Best OTV Episode

We received a ton of responses from you, our listeners, by email and by voicemail, and we share and discuss your Best Of 2013 as well.

Listen now and celebrate the best of the year that was!

Listen right here, right now:

Download: OTV-episode134.mp3 | Total Time: 81 minutes

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