April 1, 2014

Unity 5 and The New OTV, Eh!

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Listen to the beginning of this episode for an important announcement!

Not a dream! Not an alternate realty! It is the beginning of an all-new era of Only The Valiant!

The new OTV crew is in the house, and we jump right in to it, taking on Dr. Silk and discussing Unity #5. In a super sweet, action packed issue, the Unity team infiltrates Dr. Silk’s nefarious plans from their secret lair in Castle Ninjak.

Not only that, but Gilad remembers the Golden Age Unity team, the secret weapon of heroes that assembled in the past.

In addition to all of that, Entertaimos, Only The Weather, and Ask Rosie show up.

Listen now to usher in the new era of OTV, coming to you from the Great White North, eh!

Listen right here, right now:

Download: OTV-episode139.mp3 | Total Time: 68 minutes

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