April 6, 2014

You Talk, We Listen. Then We Talk.

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It’s an all feedback episode! We feature your comments, questions, and concerns, and then we respond with our own thoughts on the things you mention.

Here’s some of the goodies you can expect in this episode:

What are the best reads from the original Valiant comics from the 90s? Speaking of classic stuff, what are some of the better older episodes of OTV?

Here’s some handy links to those older episodes we mention:

What’s up with the Eternal Warrior Valiant Masters book? Where the heck is it!? Also, a special report on the paper quality in these books.

Is Toyo the most powerful? The question that will not die is revisited, and powerful logic is used to present an alternate view. The answer somehow turns into a discussion of elephant tiger guns, nunchucks, Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris.

What we were talking about a year ago, from a Superman fan and podcaster, some thoughts on the Eternal Warrior book, and what’s going on there, and a friend from across the pond goes only the valiant!

Last of all, the secret origin of the Chiclorious order is revealed!

Thank you all for the feedback, keep sending it in!

Listen right here, right now:

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