April 13, 2014

Thought And No Thought

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The OTV lads focus on Harbinger: Bleeding Monk #0, the most perplexing zero issue yet, from the good folks at Valiant Comics.

Joshua Dysart, Mico Suayan, Stephen Segovia, Khari Evans, Lewis Larossa, and Ian Hannin bring us the mind-bending, millennia-spanning story of the Monk.

We take a look at the issue and find the truth about the history of the Bleeding Monk.

All that plus:

  • Puff The Magic Dragon
  • Elveen sings you to death
  • Jonesy knows what happens 460 episodes from now
  • Chiclo likes stories that take a thousand years
  • Sean needs to meditate more

CONTEST! Jonesy has a contest. Give him some feedback about how to store his comics, and he will hook you up some cool books from his collection. Listen to the episode for more info.

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Download: OTV-episode141.mp3 | Total Time: 43 minutes

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