November 30, 2014

Bar Talk With David Baron

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Only The Valiant LogoWe catch up with David Baron to ask some of the more important things, like…

How much is too much alcohol for Armstrong?

How big is Armstrong? What are the differences between Armstrong and Ivar, and how have their life decisions impacted this?

Armstrong cosplay. What would that look like? Baron cosplay. What would that look like? Sean and Baron cosplay? The gauntlet is down.

How powerful is Archer? Is there anything he can’t do?

How many times did the colors for Doctor Mirage change?

In addition to those questions, David Baron has been a professional colorist for over 20 years, and we take the opportunity to discuss with him the history of comic book coloring, and how that has changed over the years.

He also talks about how David developed his skills as a colorist, and how his career in coloring progressed.

Last of all, how is coloring in comics going to change in the future? David shares plenty of insights, and talks about the most important skills for any colorist to learn.

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Download: OTV-episode171.mp3 | Total Time: 37 minutes

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