March 1, 2015

Valiant Costumes/Bloodshot Interview

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OTVlogo3-200This episode is all about costumes, outfits, and character design of our favorite Valiant characters, plus, an interview with Bloodshot himself, Jesse Fresco.

Eternal Warrior. What’s up with the ammo on his arm? Why the shoulder pad? Which is better, the classic valiant version of Eternal Warrior or the current version.

Ninjak has come a long way since the purple and gold with tassels. The original suit was way more style than substance, and the original sword was a fold up (in case he had to get on the subway). The new version is much more practical, and we discuss all the practicality built into his suit.

Bloodshot. Again, a man that wears live ammunition as close to vital organs as possible. What could go wrong? There’s not a lot of differences between the look of the original Bloodshot and the current Bloodshot, but we take a look and compare the new with the old.

Shadowman’s outfit changed a bit in the original incarnation, from a man in pajamas, to a man with a bullet-gobbling symbol on his chest. We talk about his various looks over the years, and compare with the modern day death rocker.

We also discuss cosplay in this episode, and present an interview with a Superstar of Valiant Cosplay, Jesse Fresco. Jesse is known for his cosplay of Bloodshot and Rai, and for looking completely awesome while doing so. We discuss how to get started with Cosplay, the con experience while being in costume, and a look into the psychology of Bloodshot.

If you just want to hear the interview with Jesse, jump to minute 50 of the show.

Check out Jesse in his full Bloodshot gear:

Valiant Superstar Cosplayer Jesse Fresco as Bloodshot

Valiant Superstar Cosplayer Jesse Fresco as Bloodshot

Now, enjoy the episode!

Listen right here, right now:

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