July 5, 2015

Past Ideas Made Present

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OTVlogo3-200We take a look at the various characters and concepts from the Classic Valiant era that we have not yet seen in the current Valiant Universe, and discuss the ways we may want to see these brought back to life.

What if Psi-Lords returned to the Valiant Universe? How many similarities would there be? Most importantly, would this be the herald of the return of Valiant Vision? We’re ready with our glasses.

In the classic Valiant, Corporations, and the Corporate Wars played a large roll in the shaping of the Universe. In the current Valiant, Orb Industries, Omen Corp, and Iwatsu are nowhere to be seen. We talk about how a lot of these ideas were products of their time, and what modern day equivalents might be.

What about Doctor Eclipse. Is he too tied to the mythos of Solar, Man of the Atom? What might a new version of Doctor Eclipse look like in the Valiant Universe? What if he is the spell?

What about the Future Force? Why do they call themselves the Future Force, if it is not the future from their point of view? Valiant has the Trademark, but what are you going to do with it, Valiant?

We round out the episode with some recent reads: Copra, Star Wars: Rebel Heist, and The Prince.

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