September 27, 2015

Time Traveling

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OTVlogo3-200We take a queue from Ivar and travel through time. This episode is all about time travel, how it works, and what we know, or can guess, about the various types of time travel we have seen in the Valiant Universe.

First up, we’ve got some recent news to discuss, like Operation Deadside and the return of Doctor Mirage. There’s a whole lot to look forward to with these books that seem to be ushering in Deadside Winter.

Next, we dig into the various types of time travel we have seen, between Ivar, Neela, and Divinity, and try to make sense of them all.

Also, we try to decipher exactly what kind of time travel threw Tama the Geomancer back in time, and whether history can actually be changed.

Warning: we don’t actually do anything in this episode except confuse ourselves more.

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