April 3, 2017

Valiant After Dark, Wondercon 2017

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OTVlogo3-200It’s an all Hardcover edition of Valiant After Dark!

We sit down with Warren Simons (Editor-In-Chief), Dinesh Shamdasani (CEO and Chief Creative Officer), Fred Pierce (Publisher), Andy Liegl (Sales Manager), Hunter Gorinson (VP, Marketing & Communications), and Ryan Stayton (Creative Executive), for an hour of talk about all things Valiant.

Warren and Dinesh contradict each other on everything (as a matter of principal). Even when we are trying to pry out the tragic contents of Harbinger Renegade #5. Or if Savage takes place in the Faraway. or if Britannia directly deals with the Deadside.

So where is Valiant now? How do some of the projects we’ve seen recently, like Savage and Britannia, fit into the larger connected Valiant Universe? We talk about the nature of the shared universe, and how that is being expressed in recent Valiant Comics. We also discuss the things that Valiant can do now, that they couldn’t do three or four years ago.

Renegade. What happened with that change? What does it mean for the way Valiant does things? What does it mean for what Harbinger Renegade is all about? This is a window into some of the ways that Valiant can surprise us, and we get into that.

We talk about the cornerstones of the Valiant Universe. It isn’t the same as it may have been several years ago.

Eternity. What does it mean? We were about to say, then the second round of drinks arrived.

It’s all downhill after that, so we just talk a bit about Harbinger Wars 2 and Ninjak Vs The Valiant Universe.

Earmuff Alert! We had a bit of adult language to go with our adult beverages as we recorded this one, so don’t listen with your little ones.

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