July 3, 2009

Deathmate! Review of the Image-Valiant crossover

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We sit down to discuss the result of the greatest idea in comics. In the early 90s, and the height of both company’s popularity, Image Comics and Valiant Comics created a crossover called Deathmate. The result speaks for itself. In addition to the usual rantings and ravings:

  • Only 10 words are required to describe Deathmate. Learn these words and sound incredibly smart in your next discussion of inter-company crossovers from the 90s.
  • What is the Anti-Unity? We define what this monstrosity is, so you can avoid this dirth of goodness.
  • Get a quick history lesson about the founding of Image comics. Impress your friends with this bit of trivia.
  • What was the secret of Image’s success, and what does it have to do with selling hamburgers?
  • If you are a super powered super dude, learn the best place to go to meet hot, single women that also have incredibly super powers.
  • Many of the Deathmate books are not what you might call “good”, but which is the worstest?
  • Have you been yearning to make some sense of Deathmate Black? If you are not an Image fan, something is missing to appreciate this book, find out what.
  • Next time you want to to be the cool kid in the comic shop that talks smack about Valiant, you will be armed with these 7 distinct criticisms of the books.
  • Is this the greatest selling crossover of all time? You are dying to know the answer to this question.
  • One Deathmate book in particular is the poster child of the 90’s speculation bubble and crash. Find out which one so you can make your own poster!
  • One thing that Armstrong’s contribution to this story gave us that you may never see in another comic book!
  • Learn a fun arts and crafts project to do with all of the extra gold variant books in your collection.

If you want a double dose of Deathmate discussion, check out the Image Addiction podcast’s recent review of Deathmate. Click here to check out their site.

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