August 30, 2009

Magnus, Solar, Turok, and Jim Shooter at Dark Horse

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After a little bit of a break, we are back in full podcasting strength! In this action packed episode, we discuss the big news out of San Diego Comic-Con about the return of the Gold Key Characters, Magnus, Solar, Turok at Dark Horse Comics, helmed by none other than Jim Shooter himself. As always, we are action packed.

  • Exciting stories of run ins with the local police department!
  • How good are your ears? This information may help you annoy teenagers.
  • Is that an elephant in the room? We discuss.
  • What would happen to The Sentry if you were to stand next to him and say the word “Kimota”?
  • The most frightening video game ever has a strange connection to Valiant Comics. What is it?
  • The good old days of eBay are gone… [we shed a tear]
  • What can we expect to see at Dark Horse when these comics roll out?

Plus, our unusually sophisticated and entertaining banter, wit, and vocabulary, as you always expect from Only The Valiant. Love us.

Listen right here, right now:

Download: OTV-episode034.mp3 | Total Time: 43 minutes