September 19, 2009

Comic Book Universes, the Good, Bad, and Ugly

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Comic Book Universes! What is it about a shared universe as the setting for different stories appeals to us so much? Why do we love the Valiant Universe, Marvel Universe, and DC Universe? (plus all the others too!) We discuss the good side, and the bad side of this phenomenon that occurs mostly in super hero comics. In addition to that topic at large, we’ve got:

  • What the recent changes at Marvel and DC mean to YOU, the comic book fan
  • Learn when spoiler alerts are required, and when they are not, and hear Sean get spoiled (oh no!)
  • The mistake that national celebrities make when on national television, and how you can avoid this one crucial mistake.
  • Find out what kind of parking you can expect to find for your horse in Lubbock, Texas.
  • A moment of silence for Patrick Swayze, who dirty danced his way into our hearts.
  • Michael Jackson jokes!
  • The ins and outs of picking a good “safe word”
  • Our philosophical and psychological hacks to explain why comic universes are so gripping on our mind.
  • Are you just a fair weather comic fan? Or do you know the initial line up of the Defenders?
  • Best comic book pick up lines.
  • What new comic book shows one of the hard limitations of storytelling in the Marvel and DC Universes

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