February 27, 2010

The Malev War

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Sean, Chiclo and Big Daddy get together to discuss the Malev War, the epic story of man versus robot invaders that was published in Magnus, Robot Fighter 21 through 37, and Rai and the Future Force 9 through 22.

This story is one of the epic, quality, post-Unity stories that Valiant produced

We discuss what we liked, what we didn’t like, ties to the rest of the Valiant Universe, plus…

  • this episode is certified Vengeance free
  • we don’t judge spelling discrepancies
  • learn how to – and how not to – serve a Cabernet Sauvignon. Don’t make this mistake at parties!
  • find out just how much Valiant retconned their comics. Marvel and DC, step aside
  • the Future Force is not like Robin Hood’s Merry Men in one key way. Find out before your friends.
  • Would you hook up with a hot (or cold) robot chick?
  • we spoil The Exorcist. If you haven’t seen it, too bad.
  • “Springtime for Hitler” has nothing on the Nazi silliness in a certain part of the world…
  • Are computer viruses like potholes? you decide.

Notes from the show: Malev-6 first showed up in Gold Key Magnus Robot Fighter issues 7, 21, and 24.

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Download: OTV-episode041.mp3 | Total Time: 87 minutes

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