April 11, 2010

Bloodshot Movie Rumors, Gold Key Launch Dates, and More

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What’s this we hear? There are rumors that a Bloodshot movie are in development. How true are these rumors? Who knows! We discuss.

Some news from Wondercon was released about the launch dates of the Magnus and Doctor Solar books coming from Dark Horse. Is this exclusive information to Only The Valiant?

Some CGC comics discussion, and other stuff from Wondercon fill out this episode. Also:

  • The 1 person that likes the Punisher movies
  • How do you find a wife? Should you start with a fuzzy hat>
  • What is the most timeless movie of all time?
  • Do ‘splodey movies make great movies?
  • Turok: Babysitter
  • Arguments! Who’s an apologist? Who’s a realist?
  • Doctor Solar is on a cover of Wizard, and nobody cared
  • Yawns are inexcuseable

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