May 5, 2010

Doctor Solar/Magnus Robot Fighter FCBD Discussion

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The Following Speaks for itself:

  • Doctor Solar
  • Magnus Robot Fighter
  • Free Comic Book Day
  • Review and discussion

We talk about Free Comic Book Day, and spend plenty of time on the Dr. Solar/Magnus issue that has relaunched those titles at Dark Horse, brought to us by Jim Shooter, Dennis Calero, and Bill Reinhold.

Some things are great! Some things are not so great! This is the first we’ve seen these characters in print in over a decade, so we are rather excited to say the least. Excited like we were for Phantom Menace? Maybe. Excited like we are for the latest Lady Gaga video? Possibly. Excited in another way entirely? Listen and find out now.

When you are done listening, send in your feedback about what you thought of this issue.

Listen right here, right now:

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