June 29, 2010

Time To Catch Up On Comics!

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Is it really time for a new episode of Only The Valiant? Yes. The answer is yes. In this episode, we talk about upcoming Dark Horse comics, collecting habits, etc.

In addition, we have our amazing brand of banter, and…

  • Will there be a mailed address call for auditions?
  • Klingons fighting Star Wars fanboys.. in our dreams
  • Will we get to rock, er, I mean, Turok, in September?
  • How many comics makes a print run of comics “limited” in today’s comic world
  • What should we do when we get down on comics?
  • Do you have Comic Addiction? there is a (manga) patch for that
  • When was the first appearance of Aliens?
  • The best Star Wars movie, and the two best words about Jedi
  • Chub Nub… sing it, Ewoks

Listen right here, right now:

Download: OTV-episode044.mp3 | Total Time: 55 minutes

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