September 17, 2010

Magnus Robot Fighter Review, and More Comic Talk

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The Only The Valiant crew talks about the first issue of Magnus Robot Fighter from Dark Horse and Jim Shooter! Plus, some good stuff we’ve been reading recently, and a nice little discussion of the merit of premise vs. execution.

Plus! Action packed with:

  • Robot ventriloquism (humanity is doomed)
  • Shopping for battle tunics at Macy’s
  • vacuums are not robots!
  • The Mail damages comics…
  • learn the secrets of getting paid to jibber jabber
  • how to be a scab and influence people (or not)
  • No San Diego variant for Magnus. Poor Magnus…
  • Corsets are the secret to character design
  • Mispronunciation is not tolerated
  • Deep discussion of the virtue of 4 vs. 6! 5 vs. 8!
  • Robot impersonations, and tones are not voltages
  • Kitchens aren’t the only place for fridges anymore
  • Fear of submission (and non sequiturs)
  • Beware the Ides of July (no one believes this?)
  • Was Siege just forced, or did it just suck?
  • Hulk would slap down Juggernaut in a minute
  • Without word balloons, it doesn’t count
  • Library extortion, as measured in dollars. DOLLARS!
  • You’d think it would be, but a premise that makes a woman’s clothes explode off every issue isn’t enough
  • Arguments over Watchmen!
  • HA! Give me my million
  • Princess Mononoke, international success!
  • Die cut! Hologram! Double Size! Fancy cover! Special backup! (coming soon)

If you are not listening at this very instant, you’re doing it wrong. Listen now!

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