January 15, 2011

A Hillbilly, a Valley Girl, and a Drunk walk into a bar…

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Back in the swing of things, we discuss a few of the recent books out from Dark Horse. In this episode, we review Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom #2, Magnus, Robot Fighter #2, and Turok, Son of Stone #1.

As if that weren’t enough for an action packed episode:

  • A less than stellar case is presented to refute claims about a feminine voice
  • How Turok, Son of Stone has misleadingly exciting cover art
  • Jim Shooter’s secret source of inspiration for a key character in Doctor Solar
  • Someone gets caught acting like a typical San Franciscan
  • Mighty Samson, gets nothing special to his name
  • Invisible, unpronounced commas – they’re everywhere!
  • Someone speaks Klingon, 3 guesses who, the first 2 don’t count
  • We conject, sure, about the time frame of each Dark Horse series
  • Chiclo exclaims, “I’m Christine! I’m Christine!” and Mrs. Chiclo is rather confused
  • One fan’s feedback sends the show into a downward spiral of a sing-along.
  • Then there is MORE SINGING
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