February 15, 2011

Giant-Size Foil Chromium Hologram Episode!

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Giant Size! Foil! Chromium! Hologram! Gimmicks galore! The 90s saw a spurt of comics using gimmicks of all sort to stand out and get us kids to buy ’em.

We discuss the craze, how it started, the heyday, the legacy, and the end of this craze. All that, plus:

  • Are there Stargates hidden in the dessert? Theories vary
  • We confirm that we are a motorized cart and oxygen tank free crew
  • Who got shafted in zip teasin’ Egypt?
  • Battletech was so hot a little while ago
  • The first chromium cover! First foil! First glow in the dark! First embossed!
  • Which of us fell for the gimmick trick?
  • Gimmick vs. variant, what’s the difference?
  • Marvel goes coocoo for cocoa puffs-err-gimmicky covers
  • Actually, Geomancer #1 was the last gimmick (we figure this out eventually)
  • Do you care what the last forced gimmick was? Some of us don’t…
  • …and our personal favorite enhanced covers

All this and more in the current episode. Get it below!

Listen right here, right now:

Download: OTV-episode050.mp3 | Total Time: 81 minutes

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