April 26, 2011


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And it came to pass that Only The Valiant discussed Ninjak.

What the hell is a Ninjak?

It’s in-depth character time with Ninjak. We talk about the comics, the stories, his nemesis, and how he fits into the overall Valiant Universe. What if James Bond was a ninja? With a bad wardrobe? Listen and find out.

And of course, in addition:

  • A preponderance of Seans
  • The model of the new Pierre Cardin line, and Hugh Heffner’s alter ego, with a secret
  • Purple and yellow fashion disasters
  • One of us has read Harry Potter fan fic – Mary Sue tells this hosts horrible secret
  • Awesome panther covers
  • Internet rage has been misdirected
  • Only The Valiant does not allow double negatives
  • Obligatory Star Trek references
  • Jacks!
  • Battle of ventriloquism
  • Torque bends his wookie
  • Also, obligatory Buffy the Vampire Slayer reference
  • Plus, some recent reads

Listen right here, right now:

Download: OTV-episode052.mp3 | Total Time: 78 minutes

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