June 28, 2011

New Valiant News Discussion

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Valiant Entertainment released a slate of news, Peter Cuneo is the new Chairman, Fred Pierce is Publisher, and Warren Simons is Executive Editor, and they have a new capital infusion that will allow them to publish new Valiant Comics in 2012!

… rather exciting news.

We hash out our thoughts about this news, and what it may mean for the future of Valiant.

In addition to all that discussion:

  • Farewells
  • Green Lantern – the movie review
  • Venture capital: evil, or blessing?
  • Will the Marvel model work for Valiant?
  • In a world overrun by monsters, Charles Barkley is our only hope
  • Sandwich ads make great comics (a grab for free food)
  • A possible boon to the pouch industry
  • Valiant’s cross-media action may use this franchise as a model
  • Future Ottawans – how do they sound?
  • Hard Corpse or Hard Cores
  • Named “Palin”? Prepare to be known as SHAZAM!

In addition to all of this, listener emails and recent reads!

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