July 12, 2011

Odds. Ends. Valiant Comics.

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We’re back for another comic book and Valiant Comics discussion, packed with odds, ends, bits, pieces, snippets and other such vocal sundries. We share some of your emails, which prompts some discussion:

How can the new Valiant Comics launch a universe without Magnus, Robot Fighter, or Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom? They were cornerstones of the original Valiant, after all.

Can the recent lawsuits over Superman, Angela, and Medieval Spawn help us understand anything about derivitave work and copyrights?

What ever happened to CGC graded books anyway? We never seem to discuss them anymore.

  • We leave out pointless stories (sure we do…)
  • Bloodshot, New Valiant super star!
  • Could Solar ever get up and at them?
  • In case you don’t remember, Ultraverse sucks (down with OTU)
  • Solar may have more in common with Neil Gaiman’s and Todd McFarlane’s fued than you know
  • Superman vs. a cheap plot device! MHHHTRRRPLLLS!
  • A SECOND co-host admits they enjoy Psi-Lords
  • The MAN wants us to have BAD VISION. Consipiracy! Contrails! (We might get a little coocoo)
  • A sure fire way to make tens of dollars! TENS!
  • The cat is fat and gluttonous
  • Lowest on census – A book to be proud of
  • Tens of protesters! TENS!
  • Walking the (creepy) line
  • Tremble at the sight of Man Faye

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