August 12, 2011

Faith Will Save Us, the Later Years of Harbinger Comic Books

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The OTV contingent discuss the later Harbinger comic books, Harbinger 26 through 41. The epic showdown between Pete Stanchek and Toyo Harada is over, and Faith must pick up the pieces. In these issues, Faith joins the Harbinger Foundation, the organization of her former enemy, and joins a group of new Harbinger kids.

We discuss the good and the bad of these Valiant Comics issues, and as always…

  • We’re starved for Valiant merchandise
  • Valiant Comics kills folks! Says it right here..
  • One Valiant comic book hero has the unfortunate nickname of “sloppy seconds”, find out who!
  • Code names v. real names – this isn’t the X-Men
  • That number is nothing but wood, Butch
  • Is Harada the greatest character, or just a run of the mill sociopath? Opinions vary
  • Obligatory Star Trek reference
  • Sorry about the chaos (effect)! or – when crossovers titles are better as descriptions
  • If you go back to junior high to settle your debts, you might be a creep, or this Valiant Comics character
  • Listen here Marvel and DC, this crossover shows how to do crossovers right
  • Listen here Marvel and DC, this series shows how to do diversity right
  • The best zero issues, and our personal favorites

We also discuss listener emails, voicemails, and talk about what we have been reading recently!

Listen right here, right now:

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