September 14, 2011

Bloodshot Kills It! Discussion of Bloodshot Comics 34 to 51

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Continuing our discussion of the later years of Valiant Comics, we discuss the last year and a half of Bloodshot comic books, issues 34 to 51.

Mobsters! Rampage! Other fake Bloodshots! Deathangel! Guns! Creepy babies! These issues are loaded, but are they loaded with the goods, or do they fall flat? Opinions vary (as always), and we hash out what we liked, and what we didn’t like about these issues.

Pick up your issues, read along, and listen.

  • Chiclo has become… Electronic. Supersonic.
  • Do you use a “90’s filter”?
  • Senseless violence! Or is throwing a man in a trash compactor perfectly reasonable?
  • Nothing stands out
  • Bimbo? Or competant MI-6 agent?
  • Everybody gets a drug lord!
  • What books to avoid, unless you want to stab yourself with a pencil
  • Once again, Ultraverse leads the way down a path of badness
  • Creepy babies (worth mentioning twice)
  • Bangs make a book great

Show links/notes:

Zlad: Elektronik Supersonik

EXCLUSIVE CONTENT: Why is Chiclo so happy?

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