September 25, 2011

The Shadowman Rocks! Discussion of Shadowman Issues 30-43

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Shadowman: jazz saxophone playin’, and Master Darque slayin’. This episode is a shadow energy charged discussion of Shadowman Comics issues 30 to 43, the conclusion of Bob Hall’s fantastic run.

This is another episode in a series of discussions about the comics published by Valiant in the later years of their publishing tenure. Shadowman is one of the gems of the “Birthquake era” of Valiant Comics.

In addition to our overall discussion, we cover:

  • The TWO Shadowmans!
  • Villains: Blister! Night Monster! Ishmael! Sandria? Where is Master Darque?
  • Birthquake – what the heck was it?
  • Details that made the book work
  • Supporting cast: Nettie, Maxim, Marcia

This episode is a musical jam fest, with musical interludes, including:

  • Hard Bop Jazz
  • Zydeco Jams
  • and the OTV Rap Crew!

Musical notes:

Rap interlude is the OTV Rap Crew, The Shadowman Rap

Jazz interlude is Wayne Shorter, JuJu, from the album JuJu

Zydeco interlude is Boozoo Chavis, Paper in my Shoe

Listen right here, right now:

Download: OTV-episode060.mp3 | Total Time: 76 minutes

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