November 13, 2011

Desert Island Comics

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The Only The Valiant crew is stranded on a desert island, with nothing but a few comics, and hopefully a Starbucks and internet cafe.

Luckily, we were able to package up a few of our favorite comics before our boat crashed during what was supposed to be just a three hour tour.

The professor quickly put together a podcast recorder out of a couple coconut shells, so we’re able to record this podcast message and bring it to you, straight from the comic-filled desert island

We’ve got our three favorite runs of comics, and one of those runs is a Valiant Comics run. Between the four of us, we’ve got a ton of reading material on this island.

Tune in now to learn what we brought with us, and why! This is a long one, with tons of great comics talk.

Listen right here, right now:

Download: OTV-episode062.mp3 | Total Time: 102 minutes

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