January 18, 2012

X-O Manowar Greatest Hits

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In anticipation of the upcoming X-O Manowar series from Valiant Comics, we discuss the “greatest hits” from the previous X-O Manowar books from the first incarnation of Valiant.

Before we get to the meat and potatoes of the episode, we also discuss some recent Valiant news (minus yesterday’s exciting announcement), including recent images from Valiant’s Tumblr, the Valiant christmas card, and The Vine.

Some of the greatest hits we cover:

  • Lotsa love for Pre-Unity X-O
  • X-O #0
  • X-O’s Unity arc
  • Aric returns to 400 A.D.
  • Seed Of Destruction
  • Teaming up with Turok
  • Destruction of the armor, and the new armor
  • Wolfbridge Affair
  • The Grand Finale (last three issues)


  • No good guy buttons
  • We recap Secret Weapons
  • Socrates talks to us about time
  • Wyld Stallyns Rule!
  • Nobody likes Turok
  • Yellow stain of fear
  • Buried in Rome, unearthed in the Northeast
  • Feel my power!
  • Master Darque’s terrible return
  • suffering from aBendisitis
  • We balance Plato with them not so smarts
  • Somehow, more Shadowman controversy
  • Some love for Operation Stormbringer
  • They all fight nazis, even in the future
  • If you like Youngblood, you’ll love the last 20 issues of X-O

Listen right here, right now:

Download: OTV-episode065.mp3 | Total Time: 86 minutes

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