March 11, 2012

Reimagining Valiant

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Valiant Comics may have been great back in the day, but some of the characters may need an update to work today. We each pick a character that we think is most in need of an update, and discuss what we would like changed if the character were featured in a comic book today.

News: Bloodshot movie is in the works! We know very little about this!

News: Harbinger comic is coming in June by Writer Joshua Dysart and artist Kari Evans. We discuss the preview in depth!

(Once again, we record right before the big announcement of the Bloodshot and Archer & Armstrong book)

Shoutout to Pinwheel Press, and Man of God #1, out in May

And always, in addition:

  • Sir Jonesy the Bloud
  • The danger of Vanilla Ice eyebrows
  • Harbinger Trilogy Movie wishlists
  • The Valiant equivalent of Admiral Ackbar
  • The Bloodshot teeny bopper movie
  • No sycophants!
  • Nerding out and noticing details
  • Ant man – unstopable!
  • Dr. Silk’s main drawback: no volcano base
  • The inefficacy of Archer’s mini crossbow
  • Politics of various Contra guns
  • She-Hulk’s alternate hook ups

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