March 25, 2012

Joshua Dysart and the Valiant Comics Team at Wondercon

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We had the pleasure to record an exciting conversation with the Valiant Entertainment team at Wondercon.

In this interview:

Hunter Gorinson, Marketing & Communications Manager

Atom! Freeman, Sales Manager

Dinesh Shamdasani, Chief Creative Officer & Founder

Fred Pierce, Publisher

when they arrived for our conversation, they brought along a friend,

Joshua Dysart, the writer of Harbinger!

We talked for an hour about Valiant, what we can expect to see in Harbinger and the rest of the Valiant comics, about their creation and promotion of the new line of comics, plans for digital comics, the future of Valiant Comics, and a ton of other stuff.

This interview was recorded at the side of the convention hall, so you will hear the din and clamor of the convention in the background.

Also, this episode was recorded at Wondercon, and Sean and Elveen wrap up the show, including:

  • Overall impressions of Wondercon in Anaheim
  • Show logistics and parking problems
  • Favorite costumes
  • The amazingly giant Artist Alley and Small Press area
  • Buzz for Valiant at the con
  • Big purchases (i.e. Artist Editions)
  • Speculation about the future of Wondercon

Listen right here, right now:

Download: OTV-episode068.mp3 | Total Time: 87 minutes

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