April 8, 2012

Valiant Thunderdome

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Two men enter. One man leaves.

We throw the best of the best of Valiant Comics characters against each other, in a single elimination, battle royale to the finish.

In the competition: Bloodshot, Gilad the Eternal Warrior, Shadowman, X-O Manowar, Sting, Rai, Archer, and Aram (Armstrong). We assign the matchups at random, and see how it plays out.

In addition to this battle royale, we discuss the full line up of the Summer of Valiant. It’s our first chance for all of us to talk about all four of the titles since the full announcements of the titles and creative teams. We discuss why we’re excited about the four titles.


Only The Valiant Contest Prize

Only The Valiant Contest Prize send us an email to enter!

Jonesy’s got a prize to give out! It is easy to enter, just send us an email to onlythevaliant at gmail dot com with your thoughts or answer to who would win in the Valiant Thunderdome.

Send in an email now, and get entered!

Sponsored by Jonesy, and helped by the good folks at Samurai Comics.


Also, voicemails, and the answer to our Ask Michael question.

And, as always:

  • Swords & Tech vs. Elves & Goblins
  • Get Aric out there!
  • Kill bad guys? Golly sure!
  • Gothic history lessons
  • Forgot about Rai
  • Veen’s future forcast
  • Zombies and Shadowman
  • The Wikipedia of 4001
  • Jonesy wins impromptu Valiant Trivia
  • Mothergod breaks the tie!

Listen right here, right now:

Download: OTV-episode069.mp3 | Total Time: 84 minutes

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