June 3, 2012

Harbinger Party and Prelude w/ Josh Dysart & Collector’s Paradise

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Ed Greenberg called up the OTV offices and let us know about the Harbinger Launch parties that he is holding at his Collector’s Paradise comic shops this Wednesday, June 6th in his L.A. area stores. He thought it would be fun to do something fun to cross promote, and to promote Valiant’s newest title, Harbinger.

Ed is a big Valiant fan, and we thought it would be fun for him to join us for an episode. Ed suggested, “Why don’t we have Joshua Dysart join us too?”

We thought it was a great idea!

In this episode, we talk with Ed from Collector’s Paradise, and Joshua Dysart, writer of Harbinger about the release party, and about Harbinger in general. Our conversation is spoiler free, making this episode the perfect prelude to Harbinger #1 by Valiant Comics, hitting comic book stands this Wednesday.

We’re holding a contest to give away a bunch of prizes, courtesy of Collector’s Paradise, so make sure to listen to get the details about the contest to win some cool signed Valiant comics.

In this episode, we’ve got it all!

  • How Collector’s Paradise creates unique and fun comic book experiences for fans
  • The two reasons why the comic book industry is such a close-knit community
  • Josh’s secret origin as a comic book writer, and how he became the scribe for Harbinger
  • The proper pronunciation of “psiots”, those super powerful Harbingers that the series is all about
  • Ed’s secret origin as a comic retailer, and how he leveled up from a collector to a comic shop owner
  • The ins and outs of selling comic books
  • How to successfully relaunch a much-loved comic book title (like Harbinger)
  • What makes for a good first issue

Show links:

The article about the two founders of Valiant Entertainment

Signed Harbinger 2-packs for sale from Collector’s Paradise

Facebook event page and RSVP info for the Harbinger release Party

More information about the contest announced in this episode

This is just Part 1

Make sure to come back in a week for the second part of this conversation, where we will have a full-spoilers conversation about Harbinger #1. Make sure you read Harbinger #1 this week, then come back next weekend to get part 2 of this conversation.

Listen right here, right now:

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