July 29, 2012

Three On Three

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In an action packed episode of OTV, we discuss this month’s Valiant books. We’ve got plenty to get through, and we don’t waste any time before getting into it!

Make sure you’ve read these books, because we’ve got a full-spoiler discussion of these books:

X-O Manowar #3: Aric is in the armor, and cutting loose. It’s the action that this book has been building to since the beginning. Also, we see a schism and more development amongst the Vine.

Harbinger #2: An incredible issue. We see everything in Pete’s world fall apart. Or get put together. Depends. Also, Darpan! Also, was it rape? What does that mean for the story.

Bloodshot #1: This book pushes the limit of how many times a character can be blown to pieces in a single book, and as many deaths as there are, there are twice as many plot twists. We do what we can to navigate through them.

Also, we have an incredible batch of voicemails to share, and this leads into the new OTV segment:

Ask Chiclo with questions about the zombie apocalypse, most endowed Marvel character, Team Spike & Buffy, European economics, impressing women with firearms, pimps and bastards, flowers, and manimals.

In addition, we’ve got the following:

  • Move over San Diego, we’ve got a report from Amarillo Comic-Con!
  • OTV on distant shores? Possibly.
  • Teleportation vs. Super speed? Which was it?
  • Gafti is bugging out
  • Will Sven be the leader of the Aric-worship?
  • That Super Creepy Baby and Really Scary Old Lady
  • Stronghold sighting!
  • Rising Spirit – A harbinger of things to come (pun)
  • Lots and lots of nutty gore
  • Bloodshot, cousin of Mr. Sinister
  • Chiclo has never seen The Matrix. The rest of us are flabbergasted
  • Zombie ammunition. This actually exists
  • The best weapons for the hopped-up-on-bath-salts apocalypse
  • Tygon, no skills and magic

Tune in now!

Listen right here, right now:

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