August 26, 2012

Jonesin’ For Jonesy

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We’re Jonesin’ for the Jones, but that doesn’t stop us from discussing the latest and greatest Valiant Comics.

Harbinger #3: First day of school always sucks, and we continue to gush over Harbinger. Pete the destroyer, the Bleeding Monk, Livewire, Pete crushing Ion, the creepy psychologist, and Faith obsessing over Hunger Games. There’s so much to like in this book. It gets richer with each issue.

Bloodshot #2: We unravel the ins and outs of of this complicated, action packed book. Eating beef, grey goo, real vs. false memories, the nature of the Goldies, the Incident, and that chained up girl. What is going on, and will we get any answers? This books is moving along like a train, and we have no idea where it is going.

Your feedback on our Commentary Track episode leads to some discussion about how to discuss some of the heavier, real-world topics brought up in in these new Valiant comics, and the nature of those conversations.

In addition, the usual buffoonery:

  • A Matrix half-watching disaster, plus, The Matrix v. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure
  • Dysart, you move me
  • Chri…, er, Elveen is a Cookin Bush
  • Is Harbinger appropriate for High School students?
  • Classic Valiant is off-topic. And that’s awesome.
  • Valiant Entertainment saves us from Secret Weapons
  • Is the bleeding monk taking sides? Or making sides?
  • Pete v. Raiden, finish him
  • A Hunger Games digression
  • Do the nanites have their own consciousness?
  • Ok, there is some action in Bloodshot
  • The secret of white borders vs. black borders – Revealed!
  • Grey Goo does not make sense!
  • the gun report with Chiclo
  • Beef, it’s what’s for dinner
  • We manage to include a Salacious Crumb joke, as Chiclo steps up the Star Wars
  • Babylon 5 – still wonderful, or still terrible?
  • Do nomads have a home? This seems counter intuitive…

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