September 9, 2012

In This Episode, Someone DIES!

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Hopefully the title isn’t too much of a spoiler. In addition to that excitement, we discuss some of the latest Valiant comics to be released. Aric is taking on Italy in X-O Manowar #4, Bloodshot gets killed a few more times in Bloodshot #3, and the search for the Boon starts in Archer & Armstrong #2.

As if that wasn’t enough, here’s a little more of what you have to look forward to in this episode:

  • Ice Pirates, Time Bandits, and moon logisitics
  • Oddly, Chiclo has less affinity for robots than expected
  • Poor Admiral Flower Petal and Captain Cherry Blossom
  • Is Al Gore a Vine operative?
  • Chonies are not optional
  • “Missile lock? I got that.”
  • The almighty train truck
  • Physics debates, second time dimensions, and useless curly dimensions
  • There are no hot chicks in Trigonometry
  • Trigger discipline is no laughing matter
  • Destroying vault doors versus throwing couches
  • Jar Jar shenanigans
  • The Kevin Bacon trump!

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